Do You Now Have a Property in Probate?

Has your loved one left property to your family? Are you currently locked in a probate discussion with Dallas or Fort Worth probate courts?

Having to deal with a loved one’s property is difficult. Having to figure out who deserves the most money from it is even more difficult. We can help.

Tidwell Buys Houses buys houses in probate. We will work with you to get you the most money possible, as well as working through the legal processes. We’ll take the property off of your plate and give your family the money it needs.

The House Buying Process

Our process is designed to move as quickly as possible. That way, your mind can stay focused on what is really important in your life: moving on with your loved ones.

1. Contact Our Team

Fill out your basic details on this form or contact us. We can answer our phone at any time and work with you on your schedule.

2. We Meet With You At Your Property

You’ll meet our team and we’ll look over the property. We’ll factor in the condition of the house, any repairs we might have to make, and more. You will not have to pay for any repairs or fees – we’ll pay for the title policy, handle repairs, and any closing costs.

3. We Make a Same-Day Cash Offer

In as little as 2 hours, we give you a cash offer. It’s that simple. Once you receive your cash offer, you can either accept or walk away – you are under no obligation to accept.

We Can Help Take Care of Your House in Probate

If you live in Fort Worth or Dallas, let us help. Call Tidwell Buys Houses at (817) 729-3000 to schedule a free consultation on your house.