Yes, you can.

When a tenant damages your property or fails to give you rent, they’re actively hurting you and your family. This actively takes cash from you and makes you dump it into a property they don’t respect. Instead of throwing more cash into a money pit, sell the house fast and be done with those bad tenants.

We buy houses with bad tenants. You can sell the property to us and we take over the lease. We will deal with your bad tenants so you don’t have to.

If you have a house or property in Dallas or Fort Worth that has these bad tenants, sell us the house and let us deal with those tenants for you.

Get Your Cash Offer with Our 3-Step Process

1. Schedule Your Free, No-Risk Consultation

Fill out the form, call (817) 729-3000, or visit our contact page to schedule.

2. We Give Your Property a Complete Assessment

The Tidwell team personally visits your home and factors in the following before providing a final price:

  • How destructive are the tenants?
  • Does the property need repairs?
  • Do you have a lot of HOA violations?

3. Get Your No-Obligation Cash Offer

Once you get your cash offer, you can take it or leave. You might be able to find a better price for your home, but we guarantee a cash offer on your home on the same day of your assessment.

 Let Us Buy Out Your
Bad Tenant Problem

If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth, call (817) 729-3000 to schedule your free assessment now.