Avoid paying any outstanding mortgage, property taxes, utilities, and maintenance costs

So you’ve inherited a house. And, because you’ve inherited this house, you now have to pay any outstanding mortgage, property taxes, utilities, maintenance costs…the list goes on. While your loved one might have had your best interests in mind, this house is actually a costly burden.

Tidwell Buys Houses can buy your inherited house. If your property is in Dallas or Fort Worth, we can give you a same-day cash offer on your house and give you the money you need.

Best of all, you’re not responsible for paying for repairs. If you’ve received a distressed property, we’ll repair it ourselves. Just let us buy the property from you and we’ll do the rest.

The Tidwell Home Buying Process

1. Contact Our Team

Fill out the form or visit our contact page to schedule a meeting with the Tidwell Buys Houses team.

2. Get a House Assessment

At our meeting with you, the team will assess the condition of your house and take into account all repairs/outstanding payments that need to be made. You will not have to pay for these out of pocket – we take care of all repairs and payments that still need to be made.

3. Get a Same-Day Cash Offer

Once we’ve figured out how much repairs will cost us, we give you a cash offer by the end of the day. Unlike other real estate companies who may give you market price, but take months to process it, we’ll buy your home immediately and give you the money on the same day. Plus, our cash-offer is no obligation – if you don’t want to take it, you don’t have to.

Let Us Buy Your Inherited House Today!

Call Tidwell Buys Houses at (817) 729-3000 to schedule your meeting. We can help take your inherited house or property off your hands fast, so call now.