Selling Your House After the Death of a Spouse

Tidwell Buys Houses makes selling your home as simple as possible in this difficult time

In this time of grief, the last thing you want to worry about is staging your home because a real estate agent asked you to. You might be on one income, struggling to pay bills and other expenses, and don’t need the added stress.

Tidwell Buys Houses makes it simple for you. We look at your house, see what condition it’s in, and make an offer. That’s it.

We want you to get the money you deserve for your house. If you sell your main residence within two years of your spouse’s death, you can keep $500,000 worth of profit from the house sale without it being taxed by the IRS.

The Tidwell Buying Process

For those who are looking to sell their property after the death of a loved one, we have a simple 4-step process.

1. Adjust the Deed

If you held the house or property as a tenant in common, then the property should be willed to you. Get a real estate attorney or title company to get your spouse’s name removed from the deed.

2. Contact our Team

Contact our team or fill out the form on this page to schedule a consultation with us.

3. We’ll Assess the House

At your consultation, we examine the entire house, as-is. No need to remove belongings, make repairs, or anything else – we’ll buy the house as-is.

4. We Make a Same-Day Cash Offer

We figure out how much it may cost us to make repairs, stage the home, and more. Once we’re done, we make you an offer later that day. You are under no obligation to go with our offer. While some may be able to get market price for their home with other realtors, none can make the claim of a same-day cash offer, saving you time and giving you money that you need.

Let Tidwell Buy Your House for the Money You Deserve

More than anything, we want to help you. If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth and want to sell your house, we’ll help you every step of the way with complete honesty and transparency. Call (817) 729-3000 now to schedule your free consultation.