You can sell your home if it’s in foreclosure.

At Tidwell Buys Houses, we will buy homes in any distressed condition, no matter if it’s in foreclosure, negative equity, or any other state. Foreclosure is a long and arduous process that doesn’t even guarantee your house will be sold for the best price. Instead of leaving it up to an auction, sell your house fast by choosing Tidwell Buys Houses.

The Home Selling Process

The foreclosure process begins when you’ve missed 4 payments on your home. After that, you could spend up to a year negotiating foreclosure.

If you want to avoid any hassle and start rebuilding your finances now, tell your home loan lender you intend to sell. When they have been notified, contact Tidwell and we will run you through our easy 3‑step process.

1. Fill Out the Contact Form

Just fill out our form or visit our contact page so we can start helping you.

2. Meet With Our Team

The Tidwell Buys Houses team schedules a meeting so we can see how distressed your property.

3. Get Your Same-Day Cash Offer

After your meeting, we’ll give you an offer. While it won’t be market price, we will offer you the maximum amount possible. When you receive your offer, you can choose to accept our offer or refuse.

Avoid Foreclosure with Tidwell Buys Houses

Call us at (817) 729-3000 to get cash fast on your home.
Let our team help you work your way out of foreclosure.